Bullying, Ethics

Let me be the first to say that I think the whole concept of bullying is overblown. I believe the designation of any given behavior as "Bullying" serves more as a tool of arbitrary control than as a call for civility.

That being said, bullying DOES exist.

What shouldn't exist is THIS (link)

That's a 13 year old Washington girl committing suicide because of bullying on the part of not just her own family, but also the faculty at her school. I'll go ahead and come 'round the other way again and point out that people don't kill themselves just because of bullying. They kill themselves because there's something wrong with them.

Now, allow me to digress just a bit further to get to my point. Teachers and the administrative staff behind teachers all have a sacred duty that goes well above and beyond education. Parents entrust their children to these relative strangers for the majority of the year, and thus, I feel they have an ethical (if not existential) prerogative to ensure the children placed under their care do not come to harm.

This young girl, Izabel, was instead paraded in front of the rest of the school after her father had cut random parts of her hair off, and forced to explain how that related to her being forbidden from running for student council. Reports indicate that both the girl's father and the principal were friends, and both apparently thought this idea was just fan-fucking-tastic for teaching her a lesson. For, as we all know, logic dictates that unrelated punishment followed by public shaming (he posted a video of her and her tattered hair on social media, classy) are definitely the healthiest ways to treat a child you're unhappy with.

Izabel took her own life by jumping from a bridge. Before this, however, she made her intentions to commit suicide known to other students, who approached faculty with that information. As Izabel is dead, it would seem that the faculty in question has decided that it has other priorities than the welfare of the young people they supposedly support.