Today I did a good thing

I met some friends (alleged friends, I *am* from the internet, after all) today for lunch. Outside the place we went to was some poor sap looking for charity. He was a stroke victim, and mostly confined to a wheelchair.

Anyways, to get to the point, I gave him all the cash from my wallet so he could have some lunch. He stood from his wheelchair, an action that was clearly very difficult and stressful to him, and gave me a hug.

The cynical world we live in would tell me I had done nothing special. No great social ill has been solved by me. I just gave some poor bastard money for lunch, right? But then, what, if anything, has the Social Justice Warrior actually done for anyone?

Also, on a whim, I posted the above to the Encyclopedia Dramatica Steam group and was shocked that it wasn't buried under a torrent of "OP is a faggot" responses, but was instead met with compliments. Maybe jerks like us *can* save the world...