2018 Resolution - North America - Part II

Here's Part 2. I'm finding that when looking up facts about these nations, I'm learning a lot more than one thing. It's getting hard to choose which one to share, sometimes.

Dominica: At the time of writing, Dominica's Prime Minister for the last 14 years has been the Rastafarian and excellently named Roosevelt Skerrit.

Dominican Republic: In 2012, Danilo Medina won the Dominican Republic presidency on an anti-corruption platform. So far, he has remained true to his word, and has helped build and maintain positive social reform and anti-corruption measures in his country.

El Salvidor: El Salvidor's electricity needs have been well handled by a series of hydroelectric installations since the 1950's. The plants are located on the Lempa River.

Grenada: Grenada's government has instituted robust conservation policies that help keep their forest and coral reefs some of the more stunning attractions of the Caribbean.

Guatemala: Insufficient law enforcement in Guatemala has led to the rise of numerous vigilante groups. As with many cases of vigilantism, the impact of these groups can run the risk of being worse than the crime they wish to combat.

Haiti: In 1791, Saint-Domingue's colonial rule was completely overthrown by a slave uprising. This was, by a very large margin, the most successful slave uprising in history. In place of the colony, the nation of Haiti was established.

Honduras: The waters off the coast of Honduras are a home for the rare and majestic Whale Shark. Whale Sharks are shy, fleeting creatures despite their massive size. They are curious, however, and will swim near divers and boats when an opportunity presents itself.