2018 Resolution - North America - Part 3

Here we are, Part 3! What a fascinating world we live in. Mexico's entry is two sentences long, but takes up most of the page. Read it, and you'll see the use of space is worth it.

Jamaica: In 1978, amid violent internal political struggles, musician Bob Marley convinced opposing political faction leaders Michael Manley and Edward Seaga to hold hands in a gesture of unity at his 'One Love' Concert.

Mexico: Throughout his career, Santa Anna (whose full name is about a paragraph long), in this order, fought against and for Mexican independance, overthrew the victorious independance movement leadership, fought off the Spanish attempt to reclaim Mexico, became President of Mexico, led a coup against his own presidency, fought a war with the rebelling Republic of Texas (with mixed results), declared himself the "Napoleon-of-the-West" when captured, was exiled from Mexico after signing a peace treaty with the US, came back and violently crushed another rebellion for the Mexican government, was exiled again for how violent that was, came back again to fight off a French invasion (which led to him losing a leg, which he put on public display because he was proud of that), was elected president of Mexico again after that, was voted out of the presidency just as quickly, was exiled again, asked US president Polk to be made a liason to Mexico to prevent a war, then took command of Mexico's military and started a war with the US, lost that war (and his prosthetic leg, on display in the US in a museum now), was exiled for losing, came back from Jamaica to be president of Mexico yet again, was exiled for selling New Mexico and Arizona to the US, and nearly negotiated a deal with the US and France that would have put him in charge of Mexico again. Oh, and he helped invent chewing gum.

Times Santa Anna was exiled from Mexico: 5

Nicaragua: In Nicaragua, it is considered bad taste to pour a glass of hard liquor straight from a shared bottle. Instead, one should use a shotglass to measure their portion out.

Panama: Roughly 10% of the workforce assigned to construct the Panama Canal died on the job.

Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis: Apparently, men of this small Carribbean nation tend to be on the aggressive and assertive side when it comes to courting women. This often comes across as sexual harassment to outsiders. In truth, women of the Federation tend to be equally as assertive, and it is not considered improper for a women to candidly and personally berate a man for overstepping his boundaries.