2018 Resolution - South America - Part 2

Ecuador: Ecuador’s current president, Lenin Moreno, is the only current serving global leader to be confined to a wheelchair. He was shot in 1998 during a robbery, and has been unable to walk since. As someone with direct, intimate experience with disabilities, Moreno has been a powerful advocate for disabled people both at home and abroad. 


 Guyana: Nearly half of Guyana’s population is descended from British-Indian (East Indians to those who speak Colonial-racist) laborers imported to the country during its time as a British subject. 


 Paraguay: Despite a high poverty rate, functionally all citizens of Paraguay have access to electricity. This is thanks to the Itaipú Dam, whose output is sufficient to supply the nation as well as support the sale of electricity to neighboring countries. 


Peru: There are around 2700 videos of disgraced Peruvian official Vladimiro Montesinos participating in and planning various acts of corruption and bribery. Since it first aired in 2001, most of this footage has also been posted on the internet. YouTube, even.