2018 Resolution - North America - Part 4

Alright, let's wrap up North America

St. Lucia: St. Lucia is home to the Kouwes Snake, the world's rarest snake. Originally quite prolific, the Kouwes Snake was driven to the edge of extinction when a British officer imported several Mongooses to the island in the 1800. The Mongooses were supposed to bring down the population of Norwegian rats, but also decimated the Kouwes Snake population.

St Vincent / Grenadines: In 1635, a Dutch ship sank off the coast of St. Vincent, and the slaves on board the ship escaped. Coming ashore, the displaced Africans integrated with the local population.

Trinidad / Tobago: Trinidad is spotted by natural phenomena called "mud volcanoes". A mud volcano is caused by the buildup of sediment and methane gas underground, which erupts in a torrent of mud, rather than lava.

United States: Most people are familiar with the so called "Gold Rush" of the 1800s that increased westward expansion of the United States. Far fewer are familiar with the "Uranium Rush". In the 1950s, there was a mass movement of people to the mineral rich deposits of the Rocky Mountains. This time, the search was not for Gold, but for Uranium. The US government offered a significant bounty for the discovery of Uranium deposits as the world entered the Atomic Age.